by chaotarroo

i finally regained my robotic tendencies! focusing on my writings and nothing else.
just sitting down, evaluating on life and being rationale about everything.
now, i am back to my old self. cold, judgmental, vain as fuck and knowledge hungry.
making me read read read the entire day, on every material that pushes me one step ahead as a novelist.
i must thank for my brain for being hella powerful, pulling the lever and shifting me back on track, something i pride myself on and adore.

but meh ~ it’s not something i might necessary enjoy. on the long term run, it makes life mundane and linear.
i am still eagerly waiting for my own hurricane of shit storm to knock me senseless and emo.
it would be more than fun to see myself that way, haggard and all ranting.
but first, the hurricane will have to get past my thick skull 😀

next …

i submitted my first ever manuscript. which i have to admit is pretty crappy now i look back.
my CV and target audience was nonsensical as well, but i did what i did to move on to my next novel.
i only hope that i don’t get blacklisted from local publishing firms -__-
cereal …

spent the entire day generating on ideas and elaborated on a potential one. pretty proud.
took hours to scan through SK’s “On Writing”, William Strunk Jr’s “The Elements on Style” and Lukcas Georg “The Theory of Novel” to refine my overall writing.
digested other shorter papers and notes as well, thank god for free ebooks.
i must say the day was pretty productive.

i will be starting on my next manuscript as soon as i finish all essential reading materials on hand.
also, the precise planning of my full length novel. i aim for it to be around 85k words, no less.
really, i am starting to get excited about my life.