get away …

by chaotarroo

study boot camp for the past 3 days!
k not really, wrizo was the one that’s studying, not me.
i am semi guilt trip now for being a failure(academically at least) and complete sloth.
currently shivering in excitement to see eric’s epic “orh ok, nvr do ah next” face.
reverse psychology or simply indifferent towards the bochup?
either option, it’s good strategy to propel students to do their work.

other than school, the get away was somewhat helpful in sparking some inspiration in me, moving the boulder off my writer’s(if i consider myself to be) block.
read totto-chan(for the umm 45th time or something) and how to kill a mocking bird briefly to reposition and evaluate my manuscript.
walking 2.25 hrs from sembawang to khatib was hella useful too. (y)
i have more interesting titles to work on, but before any writing, my language needs to be reborn-ed and I will have to keep a close eye on my paragraphing, dialogues and long sentences like this one.
my writing fundamentals is shit. i know.

and plucking a random topic from thin air, my state of wealth.
my bank savings is finally back to 4digits! i am fucking proud and secured.
will be restraining my spending till the first of the four digits starts with a 2.
oh, and by the end of my poly days, i plan to extend another digit to my savings.

finally, i am getting nauseous from seeing someone’s face for the past 48hrs or something hmmm …

ps: no school noooooo ~
pss: k not really. best $40 spent ever 😀