what i’ve been up to …

by chaotarroo

reading reading reading writing reading writing blah blah shit … pretty much that.
thanks to INN, i finally got off my ass and started to pursue my long-ed ambition(after behavioral economist which requires belts of PHDs) of being an author. more recently, one that writes literary novel.

i am modeling the stephen king approach and aiming for 2k words per day apparently.
it’s hard, i have been failing so thanks to numerous distractions that involves the world wide web, but i will try harder :/
taking this a training of responsibility and determination.

oh and each time i am like “FUCK IT, I CANT WRITE :(” i read on the story of christopher paolini and go “OH FUCKING YEAH I CAN DO THIS!!!1”
whenever my eloquence runs dry, i read random chapters of ulysses or anything fyodor dovovesrskyasdiagsd(or something).
has been working well so far and I hope this will continue.

i have great plans for so, and am carefully rushing my first manuscript out for my first novella(specifically).
which i plan to write at least 15k words for this 2hrs setting. good training for my descriptive writing.
in fact, i plan this to be the platform for my novels to come! like how dan brown sets all his story plots to be within a day …

PS: thanks to bolin and whoever that had been motivating me to do this shit. i had doubts at first.