5 random points to make.

by chaotarroo


thinking back on the two stories i heard tonight, i can’t be more lost.
by context, nothing contradicts between the two, but when placed in my predicament, it magically does.
somehow, someway … arghhhhhhhhzxzx … do not like 😦


it has been a crappy day but unexpectedly fun night.
boliao in one way but on another, thought triggering.
buffalo wings is not my cup of tea, chilling in the wee hours is naise and wow, i am still working in 3am in the morning.
k random sorry, next


school at 9am tomorrow, doubt that i will be going.
not because i can’t but plainly because i am goddammit awesome in finding excuses, for myself.
believe it or not, i fabricate new ones while snoozing my alarming during sporadic mornings and had never once fail to convince myself my bed needs me more than my teacher lol.
only if my persuasion works well on others as well heh …


shameful to say, my life is more angsty that hectic at the moment.
i am starting to suck in making decision, something which i used to pride myself on.
but no more as of recently, probably due to my brain that’s drowning in blood.
i need to saw my skull open and install packets of tampons to stop my mental PMS.
i need to adopt the bo chup, non hesitant and bastardish TSH back.
i need to …


if i enjoy doing things the wrong way, i will do so.
just so you know, i am that childish.