hags, listen up

by chaotarroo

if you are old, or look old and someone offers you a seat on any mode of public transport, you jolly well keep your tongue behind your dentures and accept it while returning a smile.
there’s so much of these old fuckers nowadays acting all strong and gung-ho on public transports.
since you know your bones are brittle and since everyone fucking knows the courtesy campaign that our world class government has been promoting since forever, do us a favor and stick your ass somewhere comfortable.
society and especially our country is, clearly corrupted in terms of basic courtesy, we don’t need self important fucktards to taint and highlight this shit even more.
to put it simply, make yourself comfortable and make us look comfortable. thank you.

ps: sentiment magnifies my magnifying glass of scrutiny. it’s good time to write. yes! into enjoyment, into enjoyment!