useless consolation

by chaotarroo

if jotting down useless consolation would help in appeasing the angst in me, allow me to rejoice my persona as an emotional man.
for my prevailing conviction would demand; irrational yet regular emotions on the genetical level, apart from all things, i thank god for such a distressing gift.
to assume, condemn and eventually comfort.
how can a romantically apathetic write anything decent? let alone express the most subtle area of his everyday revelations.
but drowned with hapless misery, it’s evident to proclaim my far flung distance from that apathetic man.
spectating myself as a man among the norm, for the first time ever, i am deriving pleasure from such a cliche reflection.
what else can i do? except to perform inconspicuous self degradation on this public platform, leaving hints for my intelligent readers to catch(if any) and in due course, experience my agony.
if not, assuming my artistic merit is too much for you to handle(still being an egoist), consider this a stimulant for my writings, a catalyst to my delicacy around words and an event to firm my conviction.
i love myself, more so without you, or so i hope and will struggle to manifest.
there’s nothing more degrading, than to fabricate reasons for any’s existence.
even will clear consciousness of so, today, i find myself a humiliated man, by no one, but myself.
we all cringe in disappointment, but hardly in self embarrassment, tonight i think i will.

ps: have you not learn your lesson yet? expect nothing from a narcissist.