dear melissa …

by chaotarroo

dear melissa,

chances are, i not know you or any of your friends, but since this facebook page is becoming of a trend, allow me to jump on this boat of bandwagon while pretending to mourn over your death. i am no christian, but watching this page being flooded by “angels and heaven” talk, i should play it safe and follow everyone else by claiming i will pray for you up there when in actual truth, i rather spend my time masturbating to amateur porn. oh, and do you know my favourite band is “my chemical romance”? with that, i assume your suicide must be of great dignity and made through thorough courage. finally, i appreciate your presence even though i not know you and you must have been a great girl for whatever reasons. RIP.

best regards,
shi hao

being unconventional fuels to my ego.

PS: sincerely, RIP melissa. to all self important fucktards writing at her page, fuck you. finally, the admins, not a very smart bunch are you?