sssscchhhoooollll …

by chaotarroo

it’s 2 in the morning, just had 5hrs of sleep and now my biological clock is telling me that’s enough for the day. time to fucking wake up and watch some porn or something …
for that, let’s be generous with our applaud for my irregular sleeping hours during the holidays.

school has started, and it’s probably a great start.
enjoyed myself tremendously during the past two days, mainly thanks to the BGZ aka my comfort zone.
i swear someone had put up an invisible psychic force field that filters out stress at the main entrance, that place is more warm and fuzzy than ever!
was initially skeptical about the liveliness of that place after the more “happening” seniors have left but after today and yesterday, my worries are pretty much neutralized.
stayed within this force field till 7 for both days for good reasons and had great fun with arif, nat and sheryl.
mainly shit talking and harrowing of problems, not mine anyway lol.
arif feels pretty much the name, interesting guy that’s fun in poking fun off.
and nat and sheryl? i wasn’t this close with them before but not till today, after hearing nat whine to us and after i accompanied sheryl to get something private at timah plaza and exchange our inputs regarding BGR, i am really starting to see them as my little sisters! but again, that’s with the assumption that i am of any maturity at all.
i was quite “bawwwww ~” today after hearing nat says she’s starting to really enjoy working with that heartless and scary skinny guy.
not that it’s any great of an compliment but probably the nicest thing someone said to me this year. (y)

oh! not to mention about the newbies! three new workers have came in, michelle, jj and kristin.
michelle, she knew most of us for 1yr already, she’s familiar with the surrounding, so yep she’s fine as she is.
as for jj and kristin, i hope that by the end of this year, or even sem, they will start to see the BGZ as their comfort zone as how i see it.
and oh ya, i was abit “WTF-ed” when kristin says she knows how to play a new card game called “Bang” today, i swear that shit is one of the most complicated card games i have played. amazing shit.
jj is coping well with shit as well, not that it’s of any great importance to his job since the option of dismissing anyone with the words “please read the instruction manual” is there but still, i think he knows at least 15~20 game by now thanks to my training during the holidays.

only outside of class, i have been in a talkative mood lately.
more times than not, initiating to teach new games. taught at least 8 ~ 10 groups during the past two days but more significantly, had fun with two freshies before school even officially started and a large group of almost 12 a new game today.
as cheesy as this may sound, feels like my hardwork pays off when i hear laughter or even rowdiness spread across the room. (y)
of course, not everyone is that keen in learning and there will always be fucktards that return the game and exchange for something cliche just minutes after teaching but oh well, i can’t control what i can’t and shan’t be that judgmental either.
oh, and the 28 brand new games is almost like an essential installment. i am starting to wonder how did we even survive without those games for the previous sem lol.
and ya, to brag a little, i feel that my eloquence is starting to grow (y)

k, i am down with linguistically frolicking around the BGZ, time to move on the the more umm .. boring.

afterall, i am a student and i can’t avoid school.
day 1 of school was alright, with eric coming in to tell his usual nice stories about website designing followed by a 1k word report on stevenlim and sebastiantan.
the 1k word essay left many sweating but i did my forte and retreated to my “comfort zone” ASAP.
but day 2 of school? FUCK! programming is back to haunt me, or us.
i don’t know nuts about whatever the teacher is teaching on the board, tried to concentrate for the first 1hr but later, *baaam*, it killed me.
so to say, at the current stage, that shit is more antagonizing than worrying for me. it’s like cryptology, one that others can briefly decipher but when it comes to me, i am like a piece of umm … burnt coal. angry and dumb.
i felt like a complete fucktard during the full 4hrs of class today, covering my face with my hoodie at many times, and eventually left my mind pondering on some philiosphy paper regarding oscar wilde that i read last night.
arghh, my classmates seems nice, the BGZ is fucking awesome but schoolwork simply sucks. or rather, i suck for not paying attention last year.
i have to rely on miss sim again.
and speaking of miss sim, i hope she’s coping well at the other side of the river.
not so much about school work since she just boasted about her director’s list cert to me yesterday, but more about her social definition in class. yep yep.
felt a little “heart sour” for her today somewhere inbetween lesson but i trust her maturity to brace through shitstorm (y)

that’s all for school and work i guess.
lazy to go through my reading progress for there’s practically none these few days zzz …