my life narrated

by chaotarroo

friday night was failure despite how nicely dressed and confident i was.
a failure that can’t be sensibly reasoned nor excused. a failure that can only be attributed to my fear and pettiness.
thank god for gerald and junjie’s accompany for me to shake off my inward embarrassment and anger brewed from reflection.
we spent the night wandering aimlessly, went everywhere, even considered east coast and finally settled down at holland V.
chilled, talked about zharbo, drank 1pine of erdinger followed by some infuriating mild russian vodka.
it was 4am, without a single drop of booze left, our “jiaowei” topic was drying out, my eyelids feels as if they were stuffed with tampons, i have to sleep.
took NR8 home, knocked myself out 10seconds after closing my eyelids, the next time i opened it, i was 2 stops ahead of my destination. “fuck this shit” i thought.
walked 15mins back home and forcefully reminded myself to set my alarm for tomorrow’s event, i did so.
and for extra precaution, i even messaged a couple of my friends to spam call me just in case alcohol stubbornly pinned me to my bed.
i closed my eyes, killed myself seconds after.

thanks to dear alarm, it’s 11.30 the next day i woke up.
didn’t have much time to waste before i get going to bugis. threw on a polo tee and made my way there.
as the organiser, i was more than happy to see the LCDs already set up-ed upon reaching.
it means one item striked off the list, 9 more to go.
pestered TKA to set up the PA system and hazily did the registration.
all the teams came by 2 and we are half way there for the tourney to be successful.
i admit, the organizing and calling of teams was abit slow initially but eventually we speed up.
noobken was there dominating the atmosphere with his corny and slightly offensive jokes, he saved my throat.
winsly on the other hand, was more than free to help us out with the drawing of brackets and recording of results.
overall, it was more hectic than troublesome for the organizers. thank god that most of the teams moved fast enough.
the only thing that irked me consistently was my sore legs from walking around last night.

as for my gameplay, i played decently. played 7games in total, won 5 and lost 2 of them.
didn’t perform exceptionally but didn’t played like shit either. won all the matches that i am supposed to.
in the end, we got 5th. not a number we are happy with but to be fair, it was pretty much predictable.
at one moment, sean beasted through one of the best teams in the tourney and at another, he lost to some random xiaoyu player that he should have handled comfortably.
marcus? oh, he lived up to all our hopes and did badly lol.

and to rant abit …
at one point of time we had more than 200 people watching. but at the finals, we had barely 20.
pardon me for complaining but really, this evidently shows that arcade community is less than supportive.
i thank everyone for taking part but they could have at least stayed till the finals and cheered on.
for me, that was undeniably disappointing.
if any, the cheering and jeering was hardly audible as well. this will probably be my last tourney ever.
counted the coins, gave out what we had to and headed to LJS. i was starving.

irritated by tekken and our mediocre results, we headed home instead of the arcade.
hardly ever, i left my headphones in my bag during the lengthy bus trip and thought about lots of shit pertaining to life on my way back.
as usual, i mind fucked myself for 1hrs plus and ran(literally) home to sleep.
however, sleep wasn’t good enough to save me from my morbid mental state, as the chinese saying goes, 日有所思夜有所梦, my dream was again, fucked up.
now i have woken up, typing this shit, lazy to research on more reading material, friend’s bday party was canceled, i am bored to my bones and craving good company to watch “youth in revolt”.