a new life.

by chaotarroo

a new life will be starting for me, or so i suspect, if i am a closer.
one that isn’t celebrated, accepted and even condoned by the consensus.
but it will be good fun and social dynamics will be explored, not in the environment that you’ve imagined.
something i have always wanted to do much after reading on behavioral economics.
but i am no dan ariely or dennet for that matter, i don’t hold PHDs or any of that kind under my belts.
my solution? to search for like minded warriors and crash the dark, sleazy alleys!
if welfare were to mean security then i detest it, by a fucking huge magnitude.
i need challenges! where my adrenaline oozes with ominous signs of insults and ridicules rushing towards me!
money will be spent(thank god for half year of work), egos will be busted and shit will be learned.
watch me, watch me well.