mummy, i love you.

by chaotarroo

DISCLAIMER: this isn’t for you to read, i wrote this to neutrailise the effect of 7hrs pure CHEENESE speaking.

today was fun? possibly.
boliao-ly, we made a 1hr trip to Singapore History Museum just to catch some mummies before they leave.
with the privilege of being a student, entrance was free, so except for “time that’s going to be wasted anyway”there was nothing to lose on our part.
place was unexpectedly huge, went through a mini maze before we finally found the display hall.
being sunday, museum was crowded, with kids running around and people QUEUING up to have a close look on some of the artifacts.
the description imprinted alongside with many of the artifacts was incredibly small(arial size 5 anyone) and given the generous compliments of dim lighting, oh man, that shit is hard to read.
still, i risked my 18yr long 6/6 eye sight for someone that’s as good as blind without contacts.
but blessed with the stuffed atmosphere around me, most of the time, i find myself putting words together rather than comprehending them lol.
i had to make good stories whenever that witch asks me, “这个是什么来的啊?”. makes me proud of my fabricating skills haha.

80% of artifacts was stale, broken and required lots of reading them to even know WTF they exactly are.
rocks, excerpts from holy books, jewelries, potteries and occasionally miniature statues of kings and gods.
was expecting to see dry skeletons and perhaps some thousand year old intestine kept in a jar but fuck, there’s none, even if there is, it’s not exposed us.
informed by the words on the walls, apparently, all coffins are kept closed in the name of ethics.
one of the coffins had a prominent crack in his left temple and we tried to peek into it, didn’t take long for us to realise our stupidity in doing so lol.

for me, the most memorable artifact was probably the mummified baby crocodile, at least the brief shape of that reptile was seeable. cat mummy takes 2nd place.
miss sim has taken a queer liking for one of the king’s head statue. she calls it charismatic due to the deep 轮廓(what do you call this in english) it possess, IDK why …

the museum closes at 6pm, am happy that we finished our tour before the PA system chased us out.
stole 2kg worth of brochures on our way out.

other than that, nothing interesting for the day.
after which, ate curry chicken at SSP, walked aimlessly around iluma, quarreled over preferred cookie choice at famous amous, SCORED OVER 750 POINTS AT THE ARCADE BASKETBALL MACHINE, got petty over tekken, sucked in photohunt and took LRT for the first time in my life.

450 words? hmm i doubt anyone will read this far.