i am sorry

by chaotarroo

for a reason that i still have doubts with, if a simple public apology would suffice, to deign, i am sorry.
with good altruistic intentions, i will hate to see you holding morbid grudges towards me for the rest of your life.
as inapt as this may sound, i still genuinely care for you.
admittedly, irrationality did get the better of me at times, for that, i apologize. but again, i must stress that after all, i am human.
till date, i still hold dear to the words i have said to you, all of them.
sincerely, my relationship with you was an important one, something i still look back and value.
i have made rash, cold and sudden decisions, and in result, you have been hurt. for that, once again, i am sorry.

if my words still lacks in negating that sinister impression of mine in you, do this not for me, but for yourself and your current relationship. i am certain that joaquim would be at unease to see you hold such strong bitterness.
i still regard him as my good friend and everyone else in our “clique”. one day, hopefully you as well, if you allow me too.
you are a nice girl, i know.

that will be all. i wish you all the best in life for whatever you do.