splendid …

by chaotarroo

They say that Cleopatra was fond of sticking
gold pins into her slave-girls’ breasts and derived
gratification from their screams and writhings. You will say
that that was in the comparatively barbarous times; that
these are barbarous times too, because also, comparatively
speaking, pins are stuck in even now; that though man has
now learned to see more clearly than in barbarous ages, he
is still far from having learnt to act as reason and science
would dictate. But yet you are fully convinced that he will
be sure to learn when he gets rid of certain old bad habits,
and when common sense and science have completely reeducated
human nature and turned it in a normal direction.

“notes from underground” – chapter 7.
allow it to trigger your neurons and waver your stance on modern presumed “ethics”.