digimon tamers!

by chaotarroo

nostalgia at it’s peak! unleashing the inner child in me.
in fact, even at the age of 18, d.tamers is so awesome that upon completion last night, i dreamt of myself frolicking among a herd of patamons in the digital world.
that shit is better than having maria ozawa suck on your dick!
but if i could choose, terriermons will be better though :/ still i shan’t complain …

the hype has yet to reside in me and within this few months, if anybody tries to play cereal by asking me “what’s your ambition?”
i swear i will dumbfound them by butting(verb) off my chair, holding my arms like this \o/ and shout, “TO BE A DIGIMON TAMER!”

either way, my 51ep long journey has ended.
as much as i am resisting myself to spread my passion for digimon, i do not want to risk myself sounding anymore stupid.
so i guess i’ll just conclude this post my listing my favourite digimons based on their level …

child type: terriermon, renamon, impmon
adult type: dobermon (surprisingly, there’s not much adult type digimons that i like)
perfect type: taomon, weregarurumon, antiramon
mega type: marineangemon, beelzemon, qinglongmon

peace and out …

ps: maybe i sound marathon something mature like grey’s antonomy to neutralise my childishness.