by chaotarroo

reading all the online stories(or perhaps fantasies) about nyquil makes me wanna try this bastard badly.
based on unanimous online feedbacks, seems that this little bottle of innocent cough syrup is more than capable of taking out a 6feet tall burly breaded man that drinks martell shots for breakfast.
not to debunk the power of chemistry but just to confirm the strength of it’s punch, will be heading down to a nearby pharmacy later to procure it.
does guardian sell this monster syrup?
wish me luck that nyquil isn’t banned by our overly paranoid government.

when it’s illegal, you label it as drugs and fight shy of it.
but when it’s legal, say hi to nyquil, the sluts that will be blowing you off during sleep and your evaporated cum.

oh fuck, i am shivering in excitement for the wrongest reason right now.
i can totally imagine myself to be a weed loving hippie under some worn out bridge at amsterdam.

till the end of my coma, ciao …

PS: on a sporadic diarrhea spree recently, i hope my stomach tames itself during my deep coma. i wouldn’t want to imagine the consequences …