hi sir, here’s a new word for you.

by chaotarroo

in conjunction with the widespread and increasing flexibility of the term “mind fucked”, it should be time for us netizens to play those words succinctly while keeping it as an exclusive viral quip.
to spark the playful air, what i suggest is, to simply hammer the expression down by taking the first and last two initials of both words accordingly and coin it as “mick-ed” altogether.

for example.

Joe: hey, how are things between you and that redhead?
John: don’t ask, i a mick-ed currently.


Peter: how was the conversation between you and sally last night?
Tom: completely mick-ing. wtf does she want from me …

just a silly idea of mine but just like any other geek, i too hope that one day “mick-ed” will become viral, or more ambitiously, recognized by lexicographers.
with that said, if possible, do aid me in my dream and spread the idea. TIA n BB.

PS:  my long complex sentences must be more irritating than kanye west.