random thoughts …

by chaotarroo

a couple more days till march invades and i am barely half done with my second paper.
once again, my short interest span triumphed over my determination. :/
bad thing definitely.

and only to make things worse, the more i read my first paper, the more it sounds like some balderdash stirred up by some pretentious bungler.
i really really really should stop reading that shit altogether and bury my narcissistic self deep within the grounds of lim chu kang.

two more days till chalet and i’ll hope i get something done by then.
maybe reading some “nicholas fearn” my light my passion a little.
he’s my recent new love. bringing the term “concise” to a whole new level while catering to my laziness and mediocre command of english.
unlike dear slanderous hitchens that probably got too obsessed with his writings in vanity fair.
google him, it will do you good.

or should i prolong my days by hunting for mr.scapegoat to cover work schedule tomorrow? lol
time to bury my moral obligations as well. ^^(gay smiley for you guys)

it’s 5:30. i have to run for some warm fuzzy family gathering.

PS: it’s not suppose to make sense. is it?