i love my mum

by chaotarroo

unable to stand the dust accumulated by it, this morning, my mum decided it’s time to migrate that rusty, cob webbed ps2 of mine into the cupboard drawer.
and after making several attempts to squeeze it in, she kind of realized that the drawer is too vertically narrow to contain it.
but hey! knowing her for 18yrs, i knew nothing can possibly stop her determination of putting any unused items out from her sight.
her resolution in overcoming the obstacle?


yes, your eyes aren’t fooling you in anyway.
she mercilessly detached the top cover from my ps2 and i guess she’s proud of it.
if it’s not for me idling on bed and checking out awesome things to play with in my room i wouldn’t have realised it.
btw, as there’s like a metal strip thing connecting the top cover from the ps2 driver, i can no longer switch it on.
in short, my PS2 is fucking dead.

BEST OF ALL, when i confronted her about my more than fucked up ps2, here’s her answer.

sad shihao is sad.
no more random tekken sessions from now on
REST IN PIECES, my decade long friend. 😦

PS: but really, i still love my mum. rather than feeling pissed, i am more like laughing over it lulz.