by chaotarroo

1.5hrs ago, i spontaneously decided to embark on a journey and conquer 11km worth of solid pavement.
as bikes are either for PRCs or noobs, i geared myself with skates and made a two way journey from batok east to cck mrt.
along the way, i was attacked by some totally uncute chihuahua and shared my morning oxygen with sporadic crowds of nearly dying old people.

and only to increase my awesome-ness, guess what?
i did all that while wearing my cospa gurren lagan t-shirt!
during my treacherous journey, the kamina in me emerged and pushed my ass back home however tired i was.
evidently, that shirt is not a pointer of otaku-ism but a real life avatar that provides a 50% boost in determination.

i made bundles, bags and baskets of bad decisions in 2009 but buying a pair of skates is definitely one of the best i have made.
i love my seba high.

tired shi hao is tired.
bathed, and time to sleep now.

PS: as i type this, my calf muscles are growing at a rate of 15gramms per minute. i can feel it.