the closer we get …

by chaotarroo

the closer we get as FLENSSS, the more interest i lose in you.
that’s a intrinsic and inevitable rule to life isn’t it?

anyway, nice day, or rather nice night.
impulsive me skated over 5km and delivered flowers to some VERY appreciative girl as a FLENN.
along the way, some fire truck almost left me in a pool of blood just 2.5hrs into CNY and VAGINA DAY.

thinking back, i may consider that to be an auspicious sign instead of an ominous one.
frankly speaking, can you encounter anything that’s red-er and louder than a fire truck on the first day of CNY? lol
not that i am superstitious but i am sure that’s what the chinese love.
with that, i am honored to be living, breathing and exaggerating my journey as i type this.

other than that hmm, reunion dinner was a failure.
instead of having the usual warm steamboat, my not very wise mother decided it’s time for change and went ahead to order some supposedly reputable buffet.
as a result, our entire family had to struggle cold food down our throats while we unitedly flame my mum for her stupid decision.
seriously, idk how or why she ordered that by that shit tasted worse than the not very good tze char downstairs.
but well, it’s the experience that matters and i certainly won’t be forgetting this reunion dinner soon.

all in all, i am glad i killed my initial impression of today being a sucky day.
as for tomorrow hmmm, looking forward to collecting ang pow to fund my DSLR and maybe some mahjong?
not a CNY fanboy but since today was surprisingly naise, i will be keeping myself within the optimistic zone for now.

it’s 5.30. i want sleep. i don’t want to visit my relatives while looking like a panda.

PS: throw anything into my fridge and it will be flavoured garlic instantly. even roses.
PSS: i will explain when you get back. keep things cool aye?