by chaotarroo

i have always wanted to catch “New York, I Love you”.
but since the epic twist of my life made it so that it’s practically impossible to find anyone to accompany me, i finally got off my lazy ass and watched it alone.
spent 2hrs traveling to and fro to the Cathay D:

by right, it’s a habit for me to erect some thousand word movie review on my blog as soon as i finish watching any semi-decent flick but honestly enough, my distractions during the cinematic experience were way too much for me to fairly judge it.
i will have to skip for this one, count yourself lucky.

no movie review for you guys, but here’s a funny experience from foolish me.
“New York, I Love You” is pretty much a show about connecting strangers and the invisible intimacy of everyone.
so bringing the movie’s air out of the cinema, i tried talking to some indian lad on my returning bus trip.

me: eh hi. *briefly showing the hi hand sign*
him: *pretending not to see*
me: no no, i am talking to you. ya you.
him: *exchanged eye contact with me for a short moment*
me: have you ever considered the idea of talking to a stranger?
him: *looking at me again*
me: no, not some kind of prank but i mean really, maybe we can just talk?
him: eh, no.
me: i know you are paranoid about this but really, what can i possibly do to harm you just through a casual conversation?
him: *looking down*
me: i will be alighting at the interchange and it will take me another 45mins or so.
him: ya …
me: do you want to talk to a bored stranger tonight?
him: …
me: about anything will do. just anything.
him: eh no ..
me: k, nvm. i am sorry.
*walks to the back of the bus*

as you can see, my attempt of striking a casual convo with a stranger was incredibly fail.
idk if it’s my face, my evil eyes or just my suspicious botak head, but no matter what the case is, fuck it.
i will love to attribute my fail on the unfriendly culture of Singapore.