interesting conversations …

by chaotarroo

a casual convo with desmond and mervin in his audi …


desmond: eh, you know ah, the girls in taiwan really damm hot leh.

mervin: ya i know. lived there for one year and i tell you jolin tsai standard at taiwan machiam like average nia.

desmond: ya lo ya lo, i went kaoshiung the other time and wha lan, on an average weekday the chiobus on the street 10x more than a busy weekend orchard.

mervin: and somemore you go clubbing or pub there. knn SGD 25 can ask girl pei you liao. massage parlor teenagers help you blow and handjob is less than SGD 100.

desmond: then full service leh?

mervin: full service is around SGD 150. but very mafan cuz the parlor bed very small. i every time go is half service nia.

*longgggggg pauseeeeeeee*

desmond: wha seriously hor, i think we should go taiwan like one week or something and have a pure shag trip.

mervin: ya, we should wait for felix come back from paris then plan a trip together.

desmond: ya lo ya lo. can’t wait leh. i think later i go home need to draw plans and make resolutions liao.

me: … oh fuck, i can’t believe i am having this convo with a married man and a 29year old banker.

desmond: no worries AC, the older you get, the less you give a shit about morals.

me: i know, i am living through my mid age crisis already. anyhow, back to topic, can i join you guys in the shag trip?

desmond+mervin: LOLLLLLL!!11one


i really like hanging out with adults. no self important or sensitivity bullshit.
lalalalalalala ~