FEB 2010, DAY 0001

by chaotarroo

january was surprisingly naise.
and naturally, i am hoping to import these naise “fumes” over to feb as well.

as a start to clear my thoughts and plan out the theories that’s installed for feb, i decided to walk for 2.5hrs conquering approximately 31 bus stops along the way.

from batok to gombak, gombak to TW, TW to CCK, CCK to Panjang and finally, following the 963 route, back to batok again.

TBH, i still have completely no idea what i should do for feb lol.
but either way, i feel AWESOME about boliao-ing and walking my legs off for no reason.

been revising life recently.
searching for ways and methods to remind myself that i am still a living entity that’s sharing oxygen with the other 6billion homo- saipens and happy to say, walking long distances makes me feel so.

the one other semi-effective way is to rub my hair.

that will be all, bye.