by chaotarroo

so i was speaking of possible scenarios that will bring changes to my life two post back
and absurdly enough, i mentioned the possibility of someone close to me dying.
holding that thought in mind for the previous 48hrs, least did i expect that this person happens to be my 90yr old great grand aunt from msia.

wicked shit. i like.

my parents will be making their way back to pay their condolences.
so i will be spending my nights alone for the next 3days and though it’s not an exactly long time i do hope something epic happens during then.
not that i have any friends to bring over to party but as minimal as it can get, it’s still a form of change.
i look forward to crazy things in the upcoming 3days.

oh and don’t you think death is fucking overrated and overmourned about?
albeit not being a self important christian that believes in heaven bullshit, i still prefer to silently rejoice about the wonders of our elders passing on leaving the next generation to strive in what we assume as “society”.
really, think about it yourself, can anything be more inspiration than death eh?

deaths can be wonderful, it’s undying dogmas and close affections that make it seem like crap.

another politically incorrect post and i am out.