i have decided …

by chaotarroo

to keep my blog clean, hopefully without pictures and just texts and more texts.
more on life now. life … lol

school’s starting tomorrow and it’s back to the mundane cycle.
not like my holidays are any good either but as a supposedly normal teenager, i dread it.

i consider myself to be a heretic wannabe, and assuming so, let’s try to avoid the mainstream process of complaining about the piles of undone homework.

apart from homework whining, i do hope that school will be more exciting in the days to come.
positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. as long as it brings change to curriculum time.

having one of my classmates killed is a plausible idea into bringing change. or should there be drastic changes to the board of directors? lol.

i must be dreaming heh.
k, time to watch sin nombre.